2015 – Your best year ever?

The great thing about life is that we are free to make choices and amongst infinite possibilities. My challenge to you as we head into the New Year is simple. Do you choose to make 2015 your best year ever, or not? If you don’t do things differently 2015 it will probably be a repeat of 2014. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Or maybe would you like to make your life more fulfilling, peaceful, fun, exciting, challenging or whatever is important to you? My guess is you probably do! So the big question is ‘how?’.

The answer to this question has been around for thousands of years. All the great religions of the world, the great philosophers, the great sages, scientists and current personal development gurus all agree. CHANGE YOUR THINKING! And I’ll explain very briefly how you can do this immediately.

People often fall into the ‘HAVE, DO, BE’ paradigm trap. They believe if they “have” something (more time, money, love or whatever), then they can finally “do” something (play with the kids, write a book, go on holiday, enter a relationship etc.), which will finally let them “be” something(successful, happy, peaceful, in love etc.) they really want. Unfortunately they’ve got it dead wrong! As Zig Ziegler’s great quote says “You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” First you be the thing you want to be, then you start doing things from this space of being and this soon brings you the things you’ve always wanted to ‘have’. So how it really works is ‘BE, DO, HAVE’. This is the foundation of the “Law of Attraction”, that universally acknowledged principle that drives all great achievement.

So my questions to you “Would you like to make 2015 your best year ever? What would this BE like?

Ron McLuckie – CEO WIAL India

About the author

Ron McLuckie - Ron is Chairman & Chief Executive of WIAL India which he established in March 2012 and serves on the global board of the World Institute for Action Learning. He is a highly experienced international consultant and Action Learning authority. Ron has held senior executive roles in major organizations, senior lectureships and led a number of international consulting companies. His special interest is in developing skilled leaders who can drive business success and bridge the ‘knowing/doing gap’. His passion is challenging the conventional development approaches that do not work and finding effective ways of developing people and organization capability. He is also a proud granddad of three grandsons.

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