Unleashing Potential – Transforming Results

In 1995, World Institute of Action Learning co-founder Michael Marquardt met Reg Revans, widely recognised as the father of Action Learning. The two men began a dialogue that led to the development of the WIAL model of Action Learning, which focuses on continual learning. After years of testing, research, and refinement, the model took final form in the renowned six components and two ground rules of Action Learning.

In 2004, Prof. Michael Marquardt, together with other co-founders, established the World Institute for Action Learning. WIAL’s mission is to unleash capacity and capability for success by generating powerful solutions to complex problems through Action Learning – across the globe. Since its inception, WIAL has grown rapidly and has its presence today in most major countries of the world.


Mike Marquardt
Reg Revans

WIAL’s Action Learning approach has elevated the performance of hundreds of organisations worldwide including Microsoft, Boeing, Samsung, LG Electronics, Alcoa, Hong Kong Transit, Singapore Airlines, IBM, Siemens, International Labor Organization and many others. Many universities around the world have incorporated the WIAL model into their curricula and learning methodology.