Action Learning helps organisations:

  • Enhance business performance in critical areas.
  • Establish effective succession planning by helping develop a cadre of highly qualified candidates for promotion to executive leadership positions.
  • Deepen participants’ confidence in their leadership and team participation skills.
  • Become more strategic in their goal-setting.
  • Take action to solve problems at all levels in the organisation.

Action Learning helps teams:

  • Improve team performance in achieving desired results.
  • Establish effective, mutually-respectful working relationships with co-workers at all levels.
  • Develop capability among individuals and teams in problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Enhance their capacity to reflect on and learn from their collective experiences.
  • Increase capability to prepare and present recommendations to executive management.

Action Learning helps individuals:

  • Build self-confidence and further develop leadership and ‘soft’ skills.
  • Enhance their capacity to reflect on and learn from their individual experiences.
  • Develop an awareness of how their implicit assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and interests influence their thinking, decisions and actions.
  • Increase competence in preparing and presenting recommendations to executive management
  • Relate Action Learning research, theory and methods to their organisational challenges.