Leading with questions

Leading with Questions:

How Leaders Find the Right Solutions by Knowing what to Ask

Dr. Michael Marquardt. 2005. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.


Action Learning in Action

Dr. Michael Marquardt.

1999. Davies-Black Publishing, Palo Alto.
Transforming Problems and People for World-Class Organizational Learning


Action Learning, Principi, Metodo, Casi

Dr. Michael Marquardt and Andrea Ceriani. Action Learning: 2009. Milano: FrancoAngeli.


Action Learning for Developing Leaders and Organizations

by Michael J. Marquardt, H. Skipton Leonard, Arthur M. Freedman, Claudia C. Hill, 2009 Principles, Strategies, and Cases

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Optimizing the Power of Action Learning

Real-Time Strategies for Developing Leaders, Building Teams and Transforming Organizations, Second Edition

Dr. Michael Marquardt. 2011. Davies-Black Publishing, Palo Alto, CA.

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Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning

Concepts and Cases

Dr. Michael Marquardt, Roland Yeo. 2012. Stanford University Press

Marquardt-ATD Article

Action Learning: Bridging the Generational Gap

The next generation of leaders face a serious problem: Baby Boomers are retiring and leaving the pipeline sparse and unprepared. But there is a solution. According to EDA’s 2014 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report, one of the top developmental activities to prepare this next generation of leaders is Action Learning .

This “real-time” leadership development process involves teaming up executives to solve existing work problems. Passive learning methods, such as in-classroom training, often have little clear connection to the pressing business issues that executives face.  By contrast, Action Learning closes the gap between theory and practice.  It instils core leadership capabilities and is an exercise in leadership development.

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Leadership Development as an Intervention for Organizational Transformation

Skipton Leonard, Ph.D., CEO of WIAL and Maynard Goff, Ph.D. This article appeared in a refereed American journal and provides a case example of how Action Learning can be integrated into a larger leadership development program.

Developing Global Leaders via Action Learning Programs

Dr. Michael Marquardt. This article appeared in a refereed British journal and presents a detailed description of Action Learning as applied by Boeing in an executive leadership program.

The Power of Questions

Dr. Michael Marquardt. This article discusses the central role of asking good questions in fostering creativity effective problem solving. This article addresses the following questions: What makes a question “great?” How to ask the right question at the right time? What not to ask?

The Transformative Power of Action Learning

Dr. Bea Carson A dynamic process for problem solving, building teams, developing leaders and changing culture, “action learning” consists of the following six components: a problem; a group of four to eight people; a commitment to learning; a process that encourages questioning and listening; a resolution to take action on; and an action learning coach.

Executive Consulting Under Pressure: A Case Study

Arthur M. Freedman, James A. Perry.

This consulting psychology case study describes how an initially nonvoluntary consulting engagement with an executive client in a highly complex nuclear industry organization evolved from suspicion to trust, enabling the client to achieve work-related goals.

When leadership development fails managers: addressing the right gaps in leadership development

By Skipton Leonard.

Leadership development programs often a “one size fits all” approach to leadership development. The need to customize development to the level of leadership supports the flexible and targeted approach that action learning provides.