Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Let us celebrate it every day.

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Let us celebrate it every day.

Can businesses grow and continue to remain successful at all times?

Can CEOs always bank on ideas and principles that worked well till yesterday and were delivered by teams having exhaustible capability?

YES, given that markets, consumption patterns and customer preferences do not change. Given that competition does not exist or stays away. Given that we stay and continue to live in a fundamentally inert state and of course don’t complain.

The harsh reality is that change is the only constant. It’s not your choice – you have to change, evolve, improve, innovate and create before the competition gets there. Your life depends on it.

Today’s business dynamics require you to find answers to novel and complicated business issues and since time is of essence, this should have been finished yesterday. There are newer and complicated challenges out there for tomorrow. So how and what do we do?

Experts and solution providers at beck and call is a luxury that no one can afford, as much as they’d like to. The costs in terms of money and time are huge. This is further complicated by the fact that just as one begins to find solutions to a challenge the problem itself or context would have changed. Can this be fixed in house?

The answer is Yes. It is best done by becoming a learning organisation which continuously equips its people and teams with the fundamental life skills. Recessionary times are hosts to downsizing, flatter and increasingly decentralised working environments. Groups of people with variety of educational and informational backgrounds, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and personalities are coming together to provide out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Be it idea generation, a search for new products, services, customers and markets, diversity in the group composition brings fresh ideas and different perspectives to light. It is an assumption free zone and honest discussions are possible without any ill-conceived prejudgement. Everybody contributes, being their creative and innovative best.

So what would you prefer? – a team founded on herd mentality where each individual possesses identical information and perspective or a dynamic team that thrives on the uniqueness of its individuals’ information and perspectives?

Is diversity in the team any good?

Well … it’s certainly more interesting.

(Written by Ms Meera Aggarwal)

About the author

Ron McLuckie - Ron is Chairman & Chief Executive of WIAL India which he established in March 2012 and serves on the global board of the World Institute for Action Learning. He is a highly experienced international consultant and Action Learning authority. Ron has held senior executive roles in major organizations, senior lectureships and led a number of international consulting companies. His special interest is in developing skilled leaders who can drive business success and bridge the ‘knowing/doing gap’. His passion is challenging the conventional development approaches that do not work and finding effective ways of developing people and organization capability. He is also a proud granddad of three grandsons.

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