What makes Action Learning different?

Action Learning deals with real work challenges and simultaneously develops capability. It does not use conventional approaches lectures, case studies, gamesetc that simply do not work.

What sort of return on investment can I expect?

The minimum return on investment is 3 to 1 on the development dollar. It is frequently much higher than this.

Why does Action Learning Work so well?

Action learning works so well because it is based on how people actually learn new skills, and that is through practical experience. It also works very well for problem solving as we engage a diverse range of people to develop solutions which they will implement.

Why do we restrict Action Learning groups to between 4 – 8 people?

This is determined by a lot of research into group dynamics. With less than four people we do not have sufficient diversity and numbers to generate quality solutions. With more than 8 people the group dynamics become too complex to manage and participation opportunities become limited.

Are there any guidelines for the sort of problems that Action Learning will resolve?

Yes definitely. Typically, the bigger the problem the better. The Action Learning group must also have some authority to implement the solutions and actions they come up with. The problem should not already have been thrashed to death through numerous other problem solving techniques. It is also important that it is a real problem and not simply a puzzle.

Why can only Certified Coaches run Action Learning workshops?

Although the Action Learning process looks deceptively simple, it demands exceptional skill and professional training to develop the required coaching capability. It requires totally different skills from normal facilitation.

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