Some of our Clients

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Helps in lateral and vertical thinking in problem-solving and business development.                                
B Sai Chanadravadhan
Excellent workshop, especially powerful when you don’t know (1) how to define a problem and (2) what you can do to solve it.    
Prashant Nagpure
It was an interesting session where we worked with a team of people whom we did not know but who shared my problem as theirs and came up with great solutions.
Mr. Sujay Sen Gupta
CEO and Director -  CIBC
A great learning framework with clear, practical outcomes for business.
Jagat Rathore
Wisnes OD Consulting
It has changed my outlook with regard to handling challenges and understanding leadership.
Rashmi Mehta
Bar Code
SEAL has helped me achieve the challenging business goals I had set in half the time I planned. Through better leadership I have developed a strong management team and reduced my work load. Unexpected benefits were getting a far better work life balance and confidential networking with other senior business leaders.
Mr. Sunil K
Chief Executive, India Asia Region -  ACS Group
The two day Action Learning Workshop with my senior management staff, and the learning gained, have provided us with the tools and confidence to better harness the full potential of the team, and through this grow our business.
George Lasek
MD -  SMEC India
A very unique concept which has profound impact on individuals, teams and organisations. The concept is equally powerful for applications in personal life.
Ketan Bhagat
Action Learning by WIAL was real learning through solving real business problems.
Ernest Louis

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