Balancing Your Scorecard via Action Learning
Dr. Bea Carson. This describes how an Action Learning process can be integrated effectively into a Balanced Scorecard framework.

Avoiding Abilene: Breaking out of Group Think
Dr. Bea Carson. This article answers the question of how to use Action Learning to avoid many of the dysfunctional aspect of group dynamics as exemplified by the well-know Abilene Paradox.

Action Learning and Leadership
Dr. Michael Marquardt. This is an article that appeared in a refereed Thai professional journal. This article addresses the following question: What are the necessary attributes and leadership skills for the 21st century? Several examples of the use of action learning in corporate organizations are also presented.

Aim For The Fairway with Action Learning
Dr. Bea Carson We’ve all heard the accolades of the power of positive thinking – so why is it we tend to focus on the negative?! Rarely do we talk about what to do – rather we talk about what not to do. By now you are thinking – Not me! She must be talking about someone else!

Using Action Learning for Organization Development and Change
Arthur M. Freedman, MBA, Ph.D.

This article conveys some practical information about the application of a powerful “tool” – Action Learning (AL) theory, method, and skills – for organization development and change (OD&C) practitioners. AL is not new. Neither is it is widely known or understood by most OD&C practitioners.

The Coach as Catalyst for Action Learning
Michael Marquardt. Describes the role of the coach as catalyst who optimizes the power of Action Learning.