Action Learning Introductory Workshop
Slides used for the Introductory Workshop
Dr. Bea Carson. Introduces Action Learning concepts and components.

Evidence for Action Learning
Skipton Leonard, Ph.D. Presents the evidence for a popular leadership development methodology – Action Learning.

Introduction to Action Learning
Slides used for the Introductory Workshop Skipton Leonard, Ph.D., Arthur Freedman, Ph.D., MBA Introduces Action Learning, defining Ground Rules, Components, and answers the question, “What is Action Learning?”

Using Action Learning to Develop Shared Leadership Skills
Skipton Leonard – Co-Chair, Michael Marquardt, Cynthia McCauley & Patricia O’Connor, Craig Pearce – Co-Chair, Arthur Freedman, Jay Conger & Susan Elaine Murphy. PowerPoint presentations on using Action Learning to develop shared leadership skills.

2008 WIAL Action Learning Users Forum
Presentations & Handouts

Action Learning: A Powerful New Tool for Developing Leaders, Solving Problems, Building Teams, and Transforming Organizations.
Screencast inverview with Michael Marquardt

Using AL for Peer Coaching and Mentoring – Toronto August 2009
Presented at the American Psychological Association 117th Annual Convention Skipton
Leonard, Ph.D., Chair
Joanne Irving, Ph.D., Presenter
Arthur Freedman, Ph.D., Discussant