Transforming Organisation Culture

Organisation culture is increasingly recognised as one of the most important components of truly aligning people with business strategy. It is frequently regarded as one of the most intangible and difficult dimensions to change significantly.

All WIAL Action Learning based interventions have direct impact on creating a positive culture, through the process of empowering questioning, reflection, team based problem-solving, engagement and profound capability development.

Belbin Team Role Profiling

Belbin Team Role Profiling has become a world benchmark tool in developing successful teams and helping individuals understand their team playing strengths and limitations. A Team Role as defined by Dr Meredith Belbin is ‘a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.

The benefit of completing a Belbin Team Role profile is having the knowledge to play to your strengths and find ways to ‘plug the gaps’ by using other people who have the strengths you lack, for example.

The value of Belbin Team Role theory lies in the ability to work with people with the reasonable expectation of how they are likely to perform. A strong team will result from having members whose preferred roles are all present within the team to some degree.

WIAL India is an accredited Belbin E-Interplace Bureau. Contact us for further details the use, application and costing of the Team Role Profiling tool.