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WIAL delivers exceptional results! 

Our total focus is on helping clients achieve desired business results. We help clients determine  their current state, clearly define the desired future state and develop effective transformational strategies to achieve the vision. We enable organisation transition through the powerful WIAL Action Learning process. It engages the  clients’ untapped potential and collective genius to develop and execute solutions that turn vision into reality.  

Successful Work Team

It’s all about leadership, problem-solving and culture! 

There is no “silver bullet” solution to transform organisations and drive success.  It’s always an integration of highly customised, innovative, engaging and often radically different solutions that drive transition. Solutions that are most frequently crafted from within the organisation. It is unequivocally proven that effective leadership, innovative problem solving and positive culture are at the heart of successfully navigating organisations through our increasingly turbulent world.

A broad range of high impact products and services!

WIAL India complements the Action Learning process with a broad range of leading edge products and service. These include the following examples

  • “Leading With Questions” and related leadership programme

  • 4 Q performance Coaching

  • All Psytech International psychometric assessments

  • Belbin Team Role profiling

  • Culture diagnostics and development

  • Dedicated organisation development projects

  • And many others

WIAL Action Learning offers a unique approach! 

The essential  leadership, problem-solving and culture practices that drive results are very different from the past. They  frequently demand fundamental and rapid change. WIAL Action Learning provides an extremely powerful and successful process to simultaneously address leadership development, problem-solving and culture change solutions. Action Learning  has the added benefit of being of being extremely time efficient in generating and executing quality solutions that last.

Business Man


Leaders are navigating the unchartered waters of an increasingly virtual, uncertain and disrupted world. Conventional leadership was about using power, command, control and knowing the answers to drive performance – and it no longer works. Great leadership about asking empowering questions, listening to really understand, taking collaborative action and winning hearts & minds.

Business Woman




Our disrupted, challenging and opportunity-rich environment demands a radically different mindset from the past to deliver desired results.


Problem-solving and business strategy that is flexible, agile, engaging and innovative is a critical requirement.

Business Brainstorm



Great organisation culture drives business success.


The challenge is creating positive culture that truly aligns people with business strategy and wins hearts and minds.

Culture transformation is the catalyst to business success.

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