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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our WIAL India Perspective

We’re in a time of immense disruption, unprecedented change and exceptional opportunity. This demands a radically different leadership mindset to identify great opportunities, overcome huge challenges and truly engage talent. We believe the following key ideas will

drive the future success of leaders and these are what we focus on:

Recreate Leadership

It’s about humility, kindness, having a servant’s heart and a growth mindset. It’s about leading with questions. Our challenge is transitioning from conventional to 21st century leadership.

Reinvent Problem Solving

Our challenge is to move from an expert, top down approach to small diverse work place teams collaborating to create quality solutions that well executed.

Develop Great Organisation Culture

Our challenge is to transition from culture evolution to deliberate culture creation. A culture that drives exceptional performance, innovation and a great employee experience.

Overcome the “Common Enemy”

The common enemy is not our competition, the economy or the other excuses we make. The true common enemy is the huge lost opportunity created by the tremendous untapped potential and collective genius of our people.

Our Story

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is the world’s leading certifying body for Action Learning, providing various training & certification programs internationally. It is a rapidly growing international not-for-profit organization supported by WIAL Affiliates around the world. WIAL is a highly capable global organization helping clients rapidly solve urgent and important business challenges. Our clients frequently achieve a substantial Return on Investment (ROI) on their organization, leadership, and team development projects.

WIAL’s Action Learning approach has elevated the performance of hundreds of organizations worldwide including Microsoft, Hong Kong Transit and IBM. For an extended list, check out our Clients. Many universities around the world have also incorporated the WIAL model into their curricula and learning methodology. WIAL members have written numerous books and articles on the subject of Action Learning, including three that are predicted to be classics in the field:

  • Action Learning in Action

  • Optimizing the Power of Action Learning

  • Action Learning for Developing Leaders and Organizations: Principles, Strategies, and Cases


Our Team



Founder and Managing Director of WIAL India

Ron’s role as MD is to promote Action Learning and grow the World Institute for Action
Learning throughout India. He leads major Action Learning client assignments and coach
certification programmes.




Founder and Director Emeritus Of The World Institute for Action Learning ​

Dr Marquardt is the expert Action Learning adviser to WIAL India and plays a key
collaborative role in the development of leading edge programmes and solutions




Director of WIAL India

Penny plays a major support role in WIAL India. She is a Professional Action Learning
Coach and manages coach certification training and all operational issues of the business.


Wial India is supported by a broad range of Indian and international Certified Action Learning Coaches. These coaches are typically highly experienced professional consultants and corporate leaders who bring great diversity and expertise to WIAL clients.

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