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Certification Paths & How It Works

Research indicates that
a key success factor for
Action Learning
programs is having a
trained Action Learning
coach at the helm.
Increasingly, more
organizations want their
programs conducted by
Certified Action Learning
coaches (CALC).
Professionals can
enhance their careers
and value to their
organizations with a certification in Action Learning from WIAL, the certification

organization for Action Learning. There are four levels of certification, each with
increased education and requirements.
 Certified Action Learning Coaches (CALCs) can coach Action Learning sessions
 Professional Action Learning Coaches (PALCs) have proven their ability as
 Senior Action Learning Coaches (SALCs) are cleared to lead all WIAL programs
 Master Action Learning Coaches (MALCs) are considered thought leaders within
the Action Learning community.

WIAL is an ICF-accredited training provider and the WIAL CALC certification
is an accredited ICF CCE program.

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